Jordan’s dynamic and vibrant model business city

KHBP, Jordan’s dynamic and vibrant model business city, provides up to 60,000 sqm of international-standard, class-A office space that’s ready to host local, regional and international companies.

There are currently thirty two (32) buildings on site, eighteen (18) of which are utilized for office use offering office space that starts at 250 sqm and goes up to building areas of 5,000 sqm.


KHBP office space is planned with contemporary multi-functional designs, offering a variety of features:

  • Flexible open-space smart designs
  • Raised flooring housing all connections underneath
  • Cutting-edge communications network and IT infrastructure
  • All-fiber optic infrastructure
  • The core communications and IT system accepts modifications and is easily expandable by adding modules
  • The network on-site is a multiple of 10GB, and 1GB for each user
  • Redundant IT and back-up electrical supply
  • Each floor is equipped with a "low current room"
  • IP telephony system
  • Multiple layers/levels of security
  • Reliable international-standard safety system

KHBP also benefits from a pre-existing ICT infrastructure with multiple nodes of connection with all the local telecom providers.