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  • I am always happy to support your company – it is my favourite for building my DNN sites. I am a private web designer, have limited funds and always find your products exceptional value for money along with unrivalled support!

    Chrissie Hall - Cornwall, UK
  • You guys do a fantastic job.  The skin looks exactly as we expected.  We have now done several skins and even skins that were done 6 months ago, you guys have been great in making the minor changes we request.  We love that you aren't a company that nickels and dimes their customers and I can see us having a nice long relationship.

    Aaron - Calibrated Design
  • The folks at dnngo.net have been a pleasure to work with.  As the owner of a web design business, I've come to rely on them to do good, quality work on skin conversions.  They are always friendly, thorough and provide a great quality product at a reasonable price.  I've worked with others in the past, but once I started working with DNNGO I knew I had found a team I could rely on and have sent all of my business to them ever since.

    James Divine - Divine Solutions
  • I have been developing and maintaining DNN sites since DNN2. Over these years I have found less than a handful of developers to even consider maintaining enterprise licensing subscriptions with. The crew at DNNGo.net have far surpassed the skills I look for in  DNN developers. Bundle this with excellent customer service, prompt ticket handling, and pricing that can't be beat, DNNGo.net is a MUST HAVE partner for DNN designing companies. I am and will be an gold subscriber to DNNGo.net for years to come.

    John Barclay - Grays Harbor Networking and Internet Services