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King Hussein Business Park announces the launch of a regional Secured Data Center with Zain Jordan

King Hussein Business Park announced, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum that was held under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II, during Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the convention center in Dead Sea, that Zain won a tender to rent, rehabilitate, manage and operate the secured Data Center for the coming 15 years.

The Data center in cooperation with Zain will provide its integrated services and enterprise solutions to corporates willing to benefit from the regional Tier III commercial data center, in addition to utilizing the facility as an infrastructure data center to serve business locally, regionally and globally.

Noteworthy that the 4,310 meters squared underground secured data center located in the King Hussein Business Park is constructed to the highest standards of security and requirements. Its special features include an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistance, protection from earthquakes, fire and all other natural hazards, and equipped with an electricity sub-station with a capacity of 20 Mega Watt.
This one-of-a kind facility qualifies as a disaster recovery center, ideal for local and regional companies and governmental entities and institutions, banking, insurance and financial sectors, medical, educational and airline industries that shall deploy the center efficiently and effectively.

For his part, Dr. Moayad Samman, the Chairman of King Hussein Business Park, highlighted that the secured Data Center is considered one of most advanced facilities in the park and in the kingdom, where Zain winning the tender to manage and operate the center is part of integrated business solution system that the park provides to its visitors and global corporates in the kingdom. Samman indicated that the underground secured data center is constructed according to the highest standards of safety, security and technical efficiency, which enables the center to provide various services that features the disaster recovery, data recovery, data storage for local and regional corporates, e-government, banking, insurance and aviation sector in addition to providing telecom services and secured archiving. Dr. Samman mentioned that the center is expected to start providing its services in the second half of year 2016 and that the estimated investment value for the center is 20 million JDs.

Zain Jordan Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Hanandeh, commented:” Zain Jordan and through managing and operating the center located in King Hussein Business Park, will provide a wide range of advanced data solutions and services that qualifies the center become a hub  for global enterprises, Bank and service providers. Zain will also offer the service for its customers in the countries that Zain operates, and it will benefit from the collaboration with Vodafone to take this offering to a bigger scope internationally.

Hanandeh added: “Equipping the center with advanced and reliable infrastructure, that provides the most efficient and latest technologies in addition to highest levels of security and protection systems, will have an important impact in enhancing the readiness of companies to deal with any emergency and to maintain the continuity of service provision under all circumstances, and to secure its database.”
Noteworthy that office space and connections can be offered as a Class A recovery working environment to be rented during crises for Enterprises locally and globally as a part of their Business Continuity Plan.

Zain will be using the facility as Zain Own Data Center, in which Part of the space will be utilized as an Infrastructure Data Center for Zain Jordan and Zain Group or OPCOs own equipment and Data centers and Cloud offering or DR services.

Customers will also be able to benefit from different cloud services hosted at the bunker like SaaS [Software as a Service], PaaS [Platform as a Service], IaaS [Infrastructure as a Service], and DRaaS [DR as a Service], Backup as a Service.

King Hussein Business Park means business in a modern corporate environment with a multitude of space, fittings, and term offer

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